The beginner-friendly motorcycle market in Europe is bustling with options for young and beginning riders to hit the road in style. With bikes complying to A1 license restrictions looking more and more premium, the line between beginner-focused bikes and actual motorcycles is now slimmer than ever. While sportbikes and naked bikes continue to be popular configurations, retro-style machines have gained immense popularity in recent years.

Such is the case with Mutt Cycles, a UK-based company which distributes 125cc-class, A1-compliant bikes which feature classic retro styling. The company’s latest addition to its lineup comes to us in the form of the Akita 125, a charming scrambler with a rugged aesthetic. Much like other retro-style machines, the simplicity of this machine goes well beyond its styling. The Akita 125 does away with nearly all creature comforts, thereby allowing the rider to focus on the ride ahead. It also allows Mutt Cycles to price it rather competitively at just £3,495, or the equivalent of $4,788.

Mutt Cycles Introduces Akita 125 Beginner-Friendly Retro Bike

Beneath its skin, the Akita 125 is powered by a rudimentary 125cc single-cylinder motor. Just like the bike itself, the engine, too, is bereft of modern-day tech, save for electronic fuel injection. That said, this air-cooled mill pumps out a very friendly 11.9 ponies, transferred to the back wheel via a basic five-speed manual transmission. This gives the Akita 125 a top speed of around 70 miles per hour. It gets a decently generous 16-liter fuel tank which lends itself to some pretty impressive range, providing the rider with miles and miles of neo-retro fun.

The Mutt Akita 125 will definitely require its rider to develop a strong sense of discipline, especially when it comes to braking, as the bike’s front and rear disc brakes don’t come equipped with ABS. It gets a simple suspension setup consisting of standard telescopic front fork mated to a pair of preload-adjustable rear shock absorbers. The bike tips the scales at a very beginner-friendly 105 kg—very approachable for newbies, and loads of fun for seasoned riders looking for a lightweight, flickable machine.

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