Did you know that Friday, August 13, 2021 is International Blood Bikes Awareness Day? The selfless riders who make up Blood Bikes organizations throughout the U.K., Ireland, Hungary, and Australia are proud and happy to help members of their communities by providing these vital services. Transporting blood, organs, PPE, and other healthcare-related necessities on motorbikes is what they’re all about. 

For those unfamiliar, Blood Bikes started in the U.K., as a series of smaller chapters around the country where volunteers signed up to race vital supplies, blood samples, and other healthcare necessities wherever they’re needed. They’re a 100-percent volunteer organization, run by dedicated riders who graciously volunteer their time, bikes, and mileage for this work. 

Since the Internet is a thing, pretty soon, community-minded riders in other countries jumped to create Blood Bikes chapters of their own. So far, chapters in the U.K., Ireland, Hungary, and Australia are all doing this important work in their individual communities, helping relieve some of the strain on their local healthcare systems. 


Since the pandemic first gained a grip on the globe, these services have become all the more urgent. International Blood Bikes Awareness Day is a way to both thank these volunteers for the wonderful work they’re doing, and also raise awareness of who they are and what they do. Then, hopefully, more riders will be inspired to get out and join, or maybe even start new chapters in places that don’t have one yet. 

As we all know, motorcycles are a fantastic means of transport—in addition to be plenty of fun to ride. They can go a lot of places that cars can’t. In places where lane-splitting or filtering are legal, taking a bike to thread your way through traffic to get something vital somewhere else fast seems like a no-brainer. 

Existing Blood Bikes organizations are happy to welcome more volunteers, and you can find out more if you reach out to them. We’ll put some links in our Sources so you can learn more. 

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