It’s often said that life imitates art, and that history tends to repeat itself. In more ways than one, motorcycles are indeed works of art—especially those hipster retro-modern machines you see all over Instagram. Given the perceived aesthetic value brought about by the whole neo-retro phenomenon, it isn’t really surprising that, as technology continues to progress, people will continue making new things look old.

Such is the case with this new electric bicycle that’s hipster as heck. Created by the folks over at Ruff Cycles, this e-bike draws inspiration from the design of scrambler motorcycles. For those unaware, Ruff has a colorful lineup of e-bikes centered on bringing out the creative and artistic side of the fast growing e-bike segment. That said, the company’s newest addition, the BIGGIE, now joins the Ruffian cruiser and the Lil’Buddy mini e-bike. The BIGGIE will be available with either a 24-inch or 26-inch set of wheels and tires.

Take A Peek At Ruff Cycles’ Scrambler-Inspired E-Bike

The BIGGIE is constructed with a handmade frame, leather saddle, and riser handlebars. It’s really a barebones design which, apart from nodding to the styling of scramblers, also brings back memories of bicycles of the early days from the likes of Mongoose and Schwinn. In fact, the genius mind behind the design of the BIGGIE comes from none other than Aaron Bethlenfalvy, a renowned bicycle designer who has worked with some of the best-known bicycle brands in the world.

Where form meets function, we find the latest e-bike technology from industry leaders such as Bosh, with an Enviolo continuous drive hub and two battery options. The smaller of which is a 300Wh battery pack, however, folks who wish to go the distance can opt for the bigger 500Wh battery pack.

Pero Desnica, founder and CEO of Ruff Cycles stated: “The goal of the BIGGIE was to put the Ruff Cycles’ DNA into an electric bicycle for everyday riding to expand the range of uses for our customers. We listened to customer feedback during the development process and I think we did a good job. With the BIGGIE, we are expanding our brand and can reach even more cool guys.”

To make things even better, the BIGGIE can be outfitted with a slew of optional accessories meant to suit the varying lifestyles of its users. Accessories such as a carry bag, Supernova lighting kits, a dual battery option, as well as front and rear racks and panniers are all available for riders to get the most utility out of this stylish e-bike. The BIGGIE is assembled in Regensburg, Germany, while its frame is hand-welded in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Once it goes on sale in 2022, the BIGGIE is expected to fetch around 3,399 Euros, or the equivalent of $3,991 USD.

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