Did you have a bicycle when you were a kid? Did you ever put baseball cards in the spokes for that perfectly pitched “exhaust note”? Or fashion a ramp out of bricks and plywood for Evel Knievel-worthy jumps. Well, if you still have fond memories of those times, chances are you’ll dig Serial 1’s one-off custom MOSH/CHOPPER.

Based on the brand’s MOSH/CTY platform, the throwback e-bike is the first in Serial 1’s new 1-OFF series and draws inspiration from Schwinn’s iconic Sting-Ray bicycle. Of course, choppers and bobbers of the ‘60 and ‘70s influenced wheelie bikes such as the Sting-Ray, with manufacturers adopting ape-hangers, sissy bars, and banana seats. Harley’s e-bike arm holds onto those classic elements and adds some psychedelic cues to the mix.

Gallery: Serial 1 1-OFF Series: MOSH/CHOPPER

The ‘60s era paint job catches the eye first. Against the silver micro-flake blue candy basecoat, the hand pinstriping, elaborate panels, and single-stroke hand-lettering add detailed layers to the livery. Matching blue sparkle handlebar grips contribute a big dose of nostalgia as well, perfectly complementing the white leather banana seat and chrome sissy bar in the process.

“Customization is such an important part of the motorcycle ownership experience,” commented Serial 1 brand director Aaron Frank. “For decades, people have been modifying their motorcycles to reflect their unique style and taste. The 1-OFF Series applies this same spirit of individualization and personalization to eBikes, showing people just how much fun it is to create an eBike that suits their own unique personality.”

Riding on the company’s MOSH/CTY platform, the single-speed e-bike reaches 20 mph thanks to its 250W motor. The 529Wh li-ion battery achieves a maximum range of 105 miles and takes just under five hours to recharge. Thanks to the torquey powertrain, the MOSH/CHOPPER lives up to the wheelie-bike name.

Sadly, only one lucky buyer will wheelie the MOSH/CHOPPER down memory lane, as Serial 1 auctioned off the first 1-OFF series bike for $14,200. That’s more than $10,000 over the MOSH/CTY’s $3,799 asking price. Hopefully, that fortunate buyer is shoving cards between the MOSH/CHOPPER’s spokes or sending it off a plywood ramp. The inner-child in us all would expect nothing less.

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