With so many electric scooters popping up left and right, it’s pretty concerning to think about the future of the good old motorcycle. It appears that the unfortunate reality of prioritizing practicability in favor of exhilarating performance has all but taken center stage, especially in the ever-growing EV segment.

While some performance-oriented electric two-wheelers pale in comparison to their ICE counterparts, it is, nonetheless, refreshing to know that manufacturers are working towards adapting the good old motorcycle into the future age of electrification. Such is the case with this super sleek electric dual-sport from Offset Motorcycles, an EV startup based out of Denmark. Dubbed the OFR-M1, this electric two-wheeler puts a new and sporty spin on less is more.

Offset Motorcycles describes the OFR-M1 as a lightweight off-road electric motorcycle. It’s clear to see from its simple design that this bike is indeed a no-frills, electric all-rounder. With its powertrain fully exposed thanks to its lack of any bodywork whatsoever, the tech which Offset Motorcycles has incorporated into this bike takes center stage. Under the rider’s seat we find a high performance, mid-drive, three-phase radial flux electric motor. The manufacturer claims a high power output and efficiency out of this air-cooled IPM PMS motor. In fact, it has a claimed power output of 25kW, or 33.5 ponies, in ICE nomenclature.

The OFR-M1 Electric Motorcycle Puts A New Spin On Minimalist Styling

Jakob Kistorp, founder and CEO of Offset Motorcycles commented on the launch of his company's newest creation stating: ”We are extremely happy to be able to reveal the design. We have spent many months perfecting our product vision and we believe that the outcome is a reflection of that.” As far as range is concerned, the OFR-M1 gets a 6.2kWH battery pack which promises to return 1.5 hours of fun, guilt-free, off-road riding. It’s important to note, however, that the OFR-M1 is not a street-legal electric motorcycle, and as such, its use is limited only to off-road riding and private property.

Pre-orders for the Offset OFR-M1 will begin in 2022. The company also promises that it will launch a street-legal version of this motorcycle. As such, the future bike will be equipped with more urban-oriented features, albeit with the same minimalist design language. If and when Offset launches the street-legal iteration of the OFR-M1, it’ll surely strike a chord among those looking for a fun and exciting electric commuter.

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