With all the hype surrounding Harley-Davidson‘s new models, it can be all too easy to forget the more classic offerings in this all-American icon’s stable. While the Pan America and Sportster S are both well and truly marvelous innovations on the part of the MoCo, and certainly expand the company’s horizons when it comes to broadening its consumer base, there’s no denying the origins on which the H-D affinity was built.

Harley-Davidson Launches Limited Edition Arctic Blast Street Glide Special

As such, it’s nice to see that the MoCo also continues to give attention to its more traditional models, the latest of which being a limited edition release of the Street Glide Special. Born from years of innovation, the Street Glide has become a favorite among those looking for a thoroughly capable long-distance tourer which offers comfort and style mated to the unmistakable Harley-Davidson aesthetic. You’re also likely to see custom Street Glides pumping out ungodly amounts of power, thanks to the vast aftermarket which exists for this particular model.

To spice things up just a little, Harley-Davidson has rolled out an eye-catching colorway for this popular machine dubbed the Arctic Blast. As the name suggests, the Street Glide Special Arctic Blast is a very cool and sleek take on this sleek bagger. All 500 examples of the Arctic Blast will be hand-painted by renowned custom paint experts Gunslinger Custom Paint based out of Golden, Colorado. Each of the 500 units of the Street Glide Special Arctic Blast will have its own unique serial number painted on the fuel tank.

Harley-Davidson Launches Limited Edition Arctic Blast Street Glide Special

There’s no denying that the Arctic Blast livery is an exercise in elegant design. Far removed from the older, more stereotypical skulls and flames commonly associated with the MoCo, the Arctic Blast is very soothing to the eyes, and boasts a sharp contrast of colors that accentuates the lines of the bike. Upon closer inspection, it features tasteful nuances such as a subtle honeycomb pattern on the fairing and front fender, as well as a deep, metal-flake blue on its accents.

Other than the beautiful paintwork, nothing else has been added or revised to the Street Glide Special. That means it continues touting its massive 114 cubic-inch Milwaukee-Eight motor, tweaked for more performance as opposed to the standard Street Glide. As for the price, well, it’s pretty steep at $38,899. There’s no denying, however, that this machine will certainly find favor in die hard H-D collectors and aficionados.

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