Most summer vacation plans don’t center around motorcycles or even include vital saddle time, especially if you’re traveling abroad. Not all countries permit visitors to rent motorcycles or scooters without a local driver’s license. Luckily, if you’re heading to Italy’s Dolomite mountains for a summer retreat, the Hotel Al Plan offers three suites that should scratch the itch until you return to your faithful steed back home.

Located in San Vigilio di Marebbe, Hotel Al Plan offers stunning views of the Dolomites. However, gear heads may be distracted by the room décor in the Ducati, Vespa, and Harley-Davidson suites. Each room conforms to the manufacturer’s celebrated design and color palette, making the suites a must-see attraction for brand loyalists.

Hotel Al Plan Suites - Vespa (Door)
Hotel Al Plan Suites - Vespa (Display)
Hotel Al Plan Suites - Vespa (Window)

For ardent scooter fans, the Vespa room repurposes components such as the rear wheel covers, leg shields, and a defunct engine as decorative elements. The doors, wardrobe, and two plush chairs sport the company’s iconic green color. A large portrait of Vespa racers covers one wall while a miniature Vespa model display illuminates the opposing wall.

Hotel Al Plan Suites - Ducati (Window)

Staying in Italy, devout Ducatisti will revel in the Ducati Corse room. While spare Ducati parts may be too expensive to repurpose as decorative flourishes, the minimalist red/white color aesthetic aligns with the Bologna brand’s premium status. Ducati Corse branding and a suited and booted mannequin display capture the manufacturer’s performance background. An enlarged image of Ducati’s sole MotoGP champion Casey Stoner exchanging pleasantries with Valentino Rossi and a miniature model display completes the room.

Hotel Al Plan Suites - Harley-Davidson (Window)
Hotel Al Plan Suites - Harley-Davidson (Nightstand)

Of course, we can’t forget the Harlistas. Hotel Al Plan applies a more restrained approach with the MoCo’s suite, however, opting for a white/black theme with touches of the brand’s legendary orange. The Bar and Shield logo hangs over the bed’s headboard while two half-tank sections adorn the nightstands. Discarded fenders also prop up the room’s table while the hotel outfits a stool with a solo saddle and floorboards. Lastly, the bathroom earns a checkered flag white/black tile treatment and Harley-Davidson design books provide excellent reading material.

Summer vacation may be drawing to a close, but if you’re able to make it to the Dolomites, the Vespa, Ducati, and Harley-Davidson suites are worth a visit to Hotel Al Plan.

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