Sometimes, it’s cheaper to modify your existing motorcycle to suit your purposes rather than purchase a brand new one. At least that was the case when Honda handed custom shop Motocicli Audaci a 2022 Super Cub C125 to customize. While Team Red designates its Trail 125 for off-road duty, the Italian shop saw the Cub’s potential for dirt domination, resulting in the Super Cub 125X.

Of course, traveling off the beaten path requires extra accommodations, and Motocicli’s select upgrades not only improve the Cub’s off-road prowess but also refine the already sophisticated aesthetics. With the stock road-biased tires, even the most skilled dirt rider isn’t getting far, so the team swapped in some knobbies for enhanced traction. Collaborating with the Andreani Group, the shop adopted dirt-worthy suspension as well, with dual Ohlins piggyback shocks and revised front end lifting the Cub by 1.5 inches.

Gallery: Super Cub 125X: 2022 Super Cub C125

To strengthen the retro scrambler look, Motocicli trimmed the rear mudguard and front high-mounted fender to match segment conventions. The CAD-designed brake guard and front fairing are practical yet fashionable while carbon fiber side panels/exhaust heat shields elevate the Cub’s form and function.

The vintage theme continues with the Alcantara leather bench seat. The stitched saddle also accommodates a passenger, though you may want to avoid trickier terrain in those instances. Lastly, the desert sand paint base and black pinstripes grant a rugged appearance without sacrificing the Cub’s classic elegance.

To prove the Super Cub 125X’s capabilities, the brand will enter the custom into the Dust’n Sardinia off-road event on September 17-19, 2021. To complete the challenge, the minimoto will need to cover over 450 kilometers (279 miles) of trails. Soon after, Motocicli will dust off the 125X in time for the EICMA 2021 on November 25-28, 2021. The Honda Super Cub C125 may not be an off-road model off the floor, but in the hand of skilled builders, it’s a formidable little trail bike.

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