Red Bull Romaniacs 2021 just started its FIM Hard Enduro World Championship odyssey in the last week of July. While the world-famous Erzbergrodeo event was canceled in both 2020 and 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic, the HEWC kicked off in fine style with the Abestone Hard Enduro Rally event in Italy, earlier in July.  

The Red Bull Romaniacs event is a grueling course, even by WESS standards. To see how this year’s event is going, you can follow along on Red Bull’s YouTube channel, which is posting timely updates like this time trial highlights video showcasing the action from July 27.  

Once qualifying completed, the full race kicked off on July 28, which is also the day that we’re writing this. At the end of Day One, the top five competitors so far are Graham Jarvis on his Husqvarna 300te, Manuel Lettenbichler on his KTM 300 EXC Tpi, Wade Young on his Sherco, Jonny Walker on his Beta 300rr, and Mario Roman on his Sherco 300.  

The race continues through July 31, so there are three days of racing left in the 2021 running of Red Bull Romaniacs. As such, anything can happen—and most likely will. This video may only show some time trial footage, but it gives a good sense of the sheer verticality these riders have to traverse with their bikes on this course.  

If you ever wondered what a mountain goat would look like if it had two wheels, then Red Bull Romaniacs is the event for you. It’s also impressive seeing the spectators ranged about the course, close enough to the action to reach out and touch. In some cases, that comes in handy when a rider needs help. It’s not clear what the rules say about receiving outside assistance, but everyone just wants to see the racers make it through safely and continue their competition.  

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