Hard Enduro races are just that—hard. Whether it’s the carnage of the Erzberg Rodeo’s rock quarry or the nightmarish obstacles of the Red Bull Romaniacs, the World Enduro Super Series (WESS) hosts some of the hardest enduro races on the planet. These gnarly competitions draw thousands of spectators to remote regions to watch the best in the world battle the terrain and one another for off-road supremacy. To honor the talent and grit of these world-class athletes, Red Bull Motorsports’ YouTube channel compiled a muddy yet heartfelt tribute to the WESS gladiators.

Featuring footage from numerous legs of the championship, the video encapsulates the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the series. With events in eight European countries from Portugal to Romania, the tracks, scenery, and geology are as diverse as the emotions displayed by the riders. Utter exhaustion to abject disappointment to childish joy, Red Bull’s video proves that hard enduro races have it all.

The video producers cleverly back the action-package imagery with “Bring UsThe Sun” by London-based singer-songwriter Ben Cocks. Setting footage against such a weary and dreamy tune only amplifies the intensity of the conditions and competition. The nursery-like melody, the dreary pace, the cooing all bring a cozy Sunday afternoon to mind, not well-worn combatants on a muddy battlefield.

The three-minute video sums up the WESS championship so succinctly and helps fans get through the ever-challenging year. Like most motorcycling championships, COVID-19 severely impacted the WESS schedule, forcing organizers to suspend the title set for 2020. The series couldn’t continue due to travel restrictions throughout Europe but planning for 2021 is already underway. Until then, individual events are still moving forward while observing local COVID-19 protocols.

Thanks to Red Bull’s video, we’re only looking forward to more WESS in 2021. If the competitions are nearly as mud-flinging and dramatic, we’ll be glued to the (You)Tube for more hard enduro action.

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