If you use the internet to look at motorbike stuff—and given that you’re here, you probably do—then you will likely have seen some of this wild footage this week. In it, nutcases on dirt bikes rip through city streets littered with rocks, logs, old tires and all manner of insane obstacles. It’s all from the Red Bull Romaniacs race, ''The world`s toughest hard enduro rally''.

The Romaniacs Race is one of several in the World Enduro Super Series, and the best footage is from the prologue, the opening hit out of a four-day event that runs throughRomania. It focuses the action, the attention, and the carnage of enduro racing into one concentrated city arena, and it is undeniably spectacular. 

Enduro mixes elements of trials riding and motocross and tests riders’ ability to balance, wrestle, and vault their motorcycles across obstacles that most of us would be to afraid to even walk over. The prologue course is built by Andy Fazakas and the ''Crazy Bike Club Sibiu”, who take delight in making the course tougher and tougher each year.

Gallery: Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue 2019

To enter, you need to be a member of an enduro club and have a proven aptitude off road. You’d probably be in Iron on your first outing, and the website says this about the class: “The four offroad days in the Romanian wilderness will push you beyond your current limits and it should not be taken for granted, that you will finish.”

This year’s prologue was won by Poland’s Taddy Blazusiak with a time of 10m48s. The best U.S. rider was Keith Curtis, in 28th. A total of 438 riders across four classes, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron competed in the event – though only a fraction of that number finished. The overall Romaniacs rally win went to German Manuel Lettenbichler aboard a KTM.

Think you can take on Gold class? Fair warning: “Your physical fitness, mental stability and ability to deal with pain should be world class.”  If that still sounds good to you, simply remove your sense of self-preservation, and go to www.redbullromaniacs.com to sign up.

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