BMW Motorrad India has taken to social media to tease what is pretty obviously the C 400 GT. Expected to launch in the local market in the coming months, the C 400 GT has garnered quite a following in other parts of the world, thanks to its versatility. After all, maxi-scooters are loved for the ease of use they bring to the table, as well as their long-distance comfort and touring ability.

In March of this year, BMW updated the C 400 GT in the global market to feature some improvements to the engine, styling, and ergonomics. Suffice it to say that the time is right for the Bavarian motorcycle company to launch its entry-level maxi-scooter in one of the most lucrative motorcycle markets in the world. On top of this, the recent crop of maxi-scooters from other mainstream manufacturers has made these overgrown scooters chock full of features and tech rather popular. So, what exactly is BMW bringing to the table with the C 400 GT?


The C 400 GT gets a punchy 350cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder motor pumping out 33.5 horsepower. mated to a CV trans. The C 400 GT isn’t a lightweight machine either. It’s clear to see this from its proportions as well as the ample amount of creature comforts present in this machine. While we’re on the topic of creature comforts, the C 400 GT gets a massive windscreen which is sure to keep you protected from bugs and wind buffeting on longer riders. It also gets a plush, two-up saddle perfect for long-distance riding either alone or with a pillion.

BMW claims a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour, or 87 miles per hour for the C 400 GT. Now, this isn’t exactly fast, but neither is it slow, especially for a scooter. That said, it employs a suite of electronic rider aids to keep things in check. It gets Automatic Stability Control (ASC) which is basically a traction control system optimized for the scooter’s CVT. Dual-channel ABS comes standard on both front and rear brakes in order to bring this heavyweight scooter to a stop. As far as pricing is concerned, we can expect the BMW C 400 GT to be a rather premium offering somewhere in the ballpark of Rs 500,000, or around $6,700 USD.

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