The COVID-19 pandemic is largely responsible for the massive rise in popularity of home-delivery services. Nearly everything can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep with a tap of your finger. As easy as it seems for us who buy stuff online, behind the scenes, a whole logistical ecosystem has to keep running like a well-oiled machine.

Unsurprisingly, fulfilling online shopping deliveries comes with its own set of unique challenges. Everything from the type of products being delivered, to the distance, as well as the terrain and environment must all be considered. While the norm, particularly in India and neighboring Asian countries, continues to be lightweight delivery scooters and motorcycles, the last-mile delivery industry has begun shifting gradually to electric power.

Zypp Launches Utilitarian Cargo Electric Scooter In India

A good number of startups have dedicated significant time and effort into developing electric-powered last-mile delivery vehicles with sustainability and ease-of-use in mind. One such startup is Zypp, with its newest creation, the Cargo utility scooter. This electric-powered workhorse stands the chance to revolutionize the last-mile delivery industry in India, thanks to its impressive 250-kilogram payload capacity, as well as its ability to carry impressive amounts of cargo.

Unlike your conventional motorcycle, the Zypp Cargo comes standard with luggage racks at the front, sides, and rear. In fact, the Cargo can haul so much stuff that it could quite possibly be a solid alternative to four-wheeled delivery vehicles. According to Zypp, the Cargo has taken the company a good amount of time, investment, and research to perfect—a timeframe encompassing more than three years. As such, the Cargo has been meticulously designed not just as an efficient delivery vehicle, but as a sustainable, easy-to-use machine for folks working in the last-mile delivery industry.

The Zypp Cargo scooter is equipped with a 40Ah battery capable of returning an impressive range of 120 kilometers, or 75 miles on a single charge. It can even be fitted with a spare battery, effectively doubling its range for long-haul delivery duty. It features a fully digital instrument panel that displays an ambulance of pertinent information concerning battery life, range, and distance traveled. It even comes equipped with AI and IoT compatibility, allowing businesses to keep track of the vehicle’s location, battery life, and well-being of its drivers.

Zypp has priced the Cargo electric scooter at an extremely affordable Rs 59,000, or $786 USD for the single battery option, and Rs 74,000, or $986 USD for the dual battery option. This makes the Cargo an extremely enticing option for small and midsize businesses looking to bolster their last-mile delivery services.

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