Most motorcyclists associate Helite with its Turtle 2 Airbag Vest. Competing with the likes of Alpinestars’ Tech Air and Dianese’s D-Air systems, the popular tethered airbag unit is known for its simplicity and affordability. Some even prefer the tether-activated Turtle 2 to its battery-powered competitors, but the vest earns very little style points. Now, Helite is offering the best of both worlds with the new Roadster 2 leather airbag jacket.

Constructed of 100-percent, full-grain buffalo , the Roadster provides comprehensive coverage. The 1.3-mm thick hide delivers excellent abrasion resistance and the CE-certified shoulder and elbow armor reinforce common impact zones. A removable SAS-TEC Level 2 back protector also helps in the event of a crash, but the internal airbag features the most protective properties.

Helite Roadster 2 Leather Airbag Jacket - Main
Helite Roadster 2 Leather Airbag Jacket - Inflated

Deploying in less than 100 milliseconds, the inflated unit supports the rider’s chest, back, and neck. The Roadster disperses impact forces across the surface of the airbag and back protector while also preventing vertebrae damage or hyperflexion. Of course, users must install a new CO2 canister after each inflation, but Helite includes the first cartridge with the Roadster jacket.

While protection is Helite’s priority, it equips the Roadster with luxurious accommodations as well. The removable 100-percent polyester liner suits year-round riding while waist adjusters and elastic fabric on the arms tailor the fit to each user. The soft collar is perfect for all-day riding comfort and the Free Air mesh ventilation system keeps the rider cool.

Available in sizes S-6XL, the Roadster should fit a wide variety of riders. The black and brown color options maintain the classic leather jacket appeal without sacrificing the Roadster’s low-key appearance. At $1495 AUD ($1,116 USD), Helite’s new airbag jacket may not enjoy the same budget-friendly reputation. However, the Roadster combines the full coverage and abrasion-resistant properties of a leather jacket with one of today’s most advanced airbag protection systems.

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