Since 2016, Yamaha’s Yard Built program has repeatedly breathed new life into the XSR700 platform. The retro naked bike’s swappable tank cover and removable subframe already made it a suitable candidate for personalization. In the hands of world-renown custom builders, it’s the perfect canvas. From throwback dirt bikes to street trackers, the Yard Build contest has thoroughly mined the XSR700’s possibilities.

For that reason, Turin-based Officine GP Design wanted to take a different approach with Iwata’s middleweight modern classic. While many contestants draw inspiration from Yamaha’s rich history, Officine approached the XSR with an eye to the future. The design firm opted for a gritty cyberpunk motif, imbuing the naked with an edgy attitude worthy of “The Bull” build name.

Gallery: The Bull: 2021 Yamaha XSR700

At first glance, the front end’s dual LED light bars and angular fender already give the XSR700 a threatening look. Rugged Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires spooned onto a set of tubeless wire-spoke wheels only make The Bull seem even more menacing. Officine also swaps out the conventional fork for the beefy look (and performance) of an inverted front end.

Though the futuristic components draw the eye initially, the build’s marbled bodywork. Utilizing a forged carbon process, Officine molded the custom tank cover, tail unit, and side panels out of carbon fiber scraps and resin. The process not only made the carbon fiber components easier to produce, it also delivered The Bull’s signature marbled look.

Aside from the new bodywork, Officine applied the carbon fiber panels in a functional manner as well. Sporting a new titanium HP Corsa two-into-two exhaust system, the XSR also gains a marbled carbon fiber heat shield to protect riders and passengers. We may have seen our fair share of custom XSR700s in the past five years, but custom shops like ’s Officine GP Design continue to push the boundaries of the middleweight naked bike.

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