Andrea Dovizioso concludes a third test with the Aprilia Racing test team for the RS-GP. The result, according to the press release, was "very interesting." 

Ideal conditions were met at the Misano track during the "very interesting" test. Andrea Dovizioso and the test team were able to stretch the bike's legs this time around, following a rainy outing at Mugello. 

A total of 126 laps were completed over the course of two days—78 on the first and 76 on the second. The Aprilia Racing test team was working on chassis, aerodynamics, and electronic developments, which will hopefully give Aprilia an edge for the remainder of the season, and in the next one in 2022. 

However, Aprilia has not disclosed any lap times. Instead of giving a number, they just threw out statements like "decidedly fast times." Understandable because race day numbers should reflect the work put in by the team. The two days of testing also saw a clear improvement from the first to the second session, and further dodging the question of lap times, the press release even stated that "the clock is not the most important reference." 

In whatever case, Aprilia is on track with their race bike. The race bike should perform well until the 2022 MotoGP season.

Aprilia Andrea Dovozioso Test Misano

When asked, Dovizioso stated that “It was a very interesting test. Testing on a third and different circuit was extremely important to understand the bike better and to see which points need to be developed."

"We tested and changed a lot of things in order to better understand many details which, in fact, we gathered more accurately, identifying how to improve and where, on the other hand, we lose something with certain changes. With the next scheduled tests, we’ll be able to make more comparisons and discuss our ideas better.”

Aprilia Racing CEO Massimo Rivola was also able to confirm that Dovizioso is still a candidate for the team's remaining 2022 race seat. A decision regarding this matter will be made soon, however, Rivola also stated that there are "very interesting and valid alternatives on the table" when asked about Dovizioso's potential MotoGP outing for the 2022 season. 

Apart from that, Rivola was also pleased with the tests, which gave some "important pointers and demonstrated the bike's progress which has already been seen in the races." 

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