D.I.D celebrate their long relationship with Valentino Rossi with a chain fit for a MotoGP legend. The Japanese chain manufacturer recently dropped a new that is complete with Rossi's logo in laser etching, and race-ready specs. 

Valentino Rossi's legacy is definitely something to be remembered. With a long list of accolades and a long career, it's no secret that the MotoGP legend's brand is iconic. Helmets, leathers, jackets, t-shirts, and even keychains are easy products to develop and market, but a chain? Now that's something interesting. 

While you can wear a motorcycle chain around your neck, I'd consider that a waste because the chain itself is really something special. 

DID Valentino Rossi DIC VR46 Motorcycle Chain
DID Valentino Rossi DIC VR46 Motorcycle Chain

D.I.D, well, did not disappoint when it came to the chain designed and branded with the mark of a legend. The chain is an upgraded version of the 520 and 525 VX2 series of chains from the manufacturer. On the VR46 version of the product, it features an open drive design with hollow rivet links, and it comes packed with D.I.D's expertise for MotoGP. Patented X rings mean that this VR46 version should withstand the rigors of track use. 

Looks-wise, it has a two-tone color comprised of gold and silver—it's not actually made of gold and silver by the way. The inner gold links are complemented by the silver outer links, which also happen to feature Rossi's iconic VR46 logo and his race number. 

DID Valentino Rossi DIC VR46 Motorcycle Chain

There are two variations of the chain on Louis.eu, and the price starts at around $130 USD (£93.97 GBP). The first variant of the chain is the 520 VX/VR46, which features a tensile strength of about 8,200 pounds (3,720 kilograms), while the 525 VX/VR46 features a tensile strength of about 9,970 pounds (4524 kilograms). The 520 can be used on 125cc to 750cc motorcycles, while the 525 is recommended for motorcycles 400cc to 900cc. Of course, the wear index of these chains are quite high, with the 520 getting an index of 3,500 and the 525 getting an index of 4,000. In contrast, a normal chain will feature a wear index of only 100 according to the listing. 

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