Giovanni Castiglioni, son of the late Claudio Castiglioni, has a new relationship with Australian-based Stealth Electric Bikes. Claudio operated the Cagiva company and helped to resurrect iconic brands including Ducati, Husqvarna, and MV Agusta over the years.

Castiglioni’s recently-formed design and engineering company, C-Creative, has become the newest shareholder of Stealth, which specializes is electric off-road motorcycles. A four-year plan has been established, during which Castiglioni will offer his immense experience in the motorcycle industry (which includes being the former CEO of MV Agusta) to Stealth. C-Creative’s input as a shareholder will, presumably, provide both funding and resources in design, production and engineering.  

stealth B-52-2

Stealth has grand ambitions for continued growth in the electric motorcycle field, and it believes C-Creative will help to achieve its goals. Stealth is set to release new city and dual-purpose models in 2022 as part of its focus on road-legal electric motorcycles rather than the bicycle-type e-bikes it currently offers. Its flagship model, the B-52, is a mountain bike/motocross hybrid that boasts a range of 100 km, a top speed of 80 km/h, and a weight of just 51 kg (112 pounds). 

“This is a key moment for the future of Stealth company and I’m excited to have joined forces with such an experienced team,” says CEO John Karambalis, who founded stealth in 2008. “New developments in the market have prompted us to broaden our horizons and shape the future of the recreation and mobility sectors across the globe.” 

Karambis also noted that plans are not limited to urban mobility and recreation; it will also increase its investment in military transportation, which is where the company’s inspiration came from.  

“I have been a Stealth customer for several years now and I have never found anything more exciting in the e-bikes scene,” states Castiglioni. “Stealth is a brand that has a unique charm and charisma, and the C-Creative team is thrilled to be able to bring decades of experience is the world of two wheels to the company.” 

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