Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, TARO, has recently launched its newest high-capacity scooter, the TR400 in the Chinese market. Mid-displacement scooters have risen in popularity in recent years, particularly in Asia. Offering the best of both worlds when it comes to ease-of-use and long-distance capability, maxi-scooters are favored both by beginners and veteran riders looking for a convenient machine that can go the distance. 

The TARO TR400 succeeds the Explorer 300, a similarly styled scooter launched in 2019. Since the launch of the Explorer 300, TARO had begun working on a bigger, more premium offering, and has recently launched it in the form of the new TR400 in the Chinese domestic market. At a glance, the TR400 employs unmistakable maxi-scooter styling, akin to that of other more popular machines in the market. Featuring a sporty yet sleek appearance, the TR400 definitely looks premium, and is loaded with techie features which are sure to attract a wide audience, particularly in the Asian market. 

TARO TR400 Maxi-Scooter Unveiled In China

Powering the TARO TR400 is a 359cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder motor which TARO claims has been independently developed for three years now. The company claims that the engine features a ceramic alloy cylinder which supposedly increases power output and reduces fuel consumption.  For an engine claimed to be loaded with tech, the TR400 churns out a rather pedestrian 28 horsepower—well below that of its competition. 

Other premium features found on the TARO TR400 include a full set of LED lights, keyless ignition, and programmable ABS, which can be switched off via a toggle switch on the handlebar—a nifty feature not commonly found on a scooter. Additional features include digital instrumentation, backlit controls, and keyless ignition. The TR400 also comes with a large adjustable windscreen as standard, making it ideal for those looking to take it on a long distance tour, with miles on end of highway riding. 

TARO TR400 Maxi-Scooter Unveiled In China

As is the case with many Chinese-made two-wheelers, there's a chance that the TARO TR400 would make its way to other markets under different name brands. TARO, in particular is available in some parts of Europe. While the official pricing for the TR400 has yet to be announced, its smaller sibling, the Explorer 300, sells for around 3,700 Euros, or the equivalent of $4,412 USD. That said, we can expect the TR400 to command a slight premium over the Explorer 300. 

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