There's no doubt that wheels look amazing, but many riders have concerns over the sturdiness of the material compared to conventional aluminum. Should you be looking for that exquisite carbon look with the peace of mind that comes from steel, have a look at what JoNich has done with its new 24M9-CARBON. 

JoNich is an Italian company that offers handmade, high-end, wire-spoke . While currently offering both aluminum and carbon fiber options, the new 24M9-CARBON is a hybrid of the two. It starts with a one-piece aluminum rim that’s spun from a solid piece of aluminum (unlike traditional rims commonly comprised of two welded pieces). This makes for a stronger and truer wheel.  


What comes next is what makes the 24M9 interesting, though. A structural carbon fiber shell is laid inside and affixed to the rim, offering the deadly looks of carbon fiber, as well as increased rigidity and protection. 

The M9 in the product name stands for 9mm spokes, or what the company calls a “Fat Spoke” setup. Compared to conventional 6mm wire spokes, this thicker version is not only stronger, but also offers a fresh look that really does stand out. JoNich claims it’s the only motorcycle wheel company in the world offering 9mm spokes, which are apparently also used on classic Ferrari sports cars. And, well, that’s kind of cool, especially if you ride an Italian bike (and even cooler if you own a Ferrari!). 


JoNich has made its name by creating handmade, bespoke wheels that cater to the customer’s taste, and the 24M9 wheels continue this tradition. You get to choose your own rim, hub and spoke colors on all its products, and the carbon fiber shell on the 24M9 comes in either matte or gloss finish. 

JoNich’s current lineup includes wheels for 61 different motorcycles, including brands like Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Triumph, and MV Agusta. In addition to the hybrid 24M9-CARBON, there are also aluminum and carbon fiber versions, with regular 6mm spokes or the popular 9mm option.  
Custom orders are gladly accepted, each wheel is made to order, and worldwide delivery is an estimated 4-8 weeks right to your door. Pricing starts around 1,800 Euros (about $2,140 USD).

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