German gear maker Held has a small following in the U.S., but its presence in Europe is much more formidable. From the brand’s Air N Dry gloves to its universal airbag vest to the latest two-piece adventure sets, Held’s lineup spans street, off-road, and racing disciplines. Now, the company prepares for summertime temperatures, delivering its Jakata jacket and Zeffiro 3.0 pants to help riders defeat the heat.

Starting at the top, the Jakata jacket features expansive mesh panels at the chest and inner/outer arms. The massive mesh section at the back also increases ventilation by allowing oncoming air to flow through the jacket. Unlike multi-seasonal gear, the Jakata doesn’t bother with inner liners or waterproofing, specializing in summer riding instead.

Elastic sleeve inserts, adjustable Velcro straps, soft collar, and pelvis adjustments constitute the jacket’s comfort accommodations. Held also provides two exterior pockets, one inner pocket, and pouches dedicated to documents and smartphones. The jacket's Heros-Tec 500 D fabric qualifies for CE approval with shoulder and elbow armor included. Customers can purchase both chest and back protectors separately, however.


At €189.95 ($229 USD), Held offers the Jakata in white and black colorways. The jacket comes in sizes S through 5XL for men, S through 3XL for women, and plus sizes B-L though B-4XL. Of course, to amplify the ventilation, a connection zipper enables users to pair the Jakata with Held’s Zeffiro 3.0 trousers.

Constructed of Heros-Tec 600 D material, the pants also achieve a CE-approval rating. Similar to the Jakata jacket, the Zeffiro 3.0 boasts large mesh panels at the thighs, shins, and calves. Four pockets bolster the set’s carrying capacity and pelvis adjustments tailor the fit to each user. Adjustable knee armor protects in the event of a dismount and reflective inserts enhance the rider’s visibility to other motorists.

Held offers the trousers in a wide range of sizes, with XS through 5XL for men and S through 3XL options for women. The lineup also includes short variants in K-S through K-3XL, long cuts in L-M through L-XL, and plus sizes in B-L through B-4XL. The Zeffiro 3.0 retails for €139.95 ($168 USD) and comes in black and white colorways to match Held’s Jakata jacket.

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