Picture this: you're riding along on the freeway, just minding your own business. You're consciously trying to behave yourself as you're riding well within the speed limit, when all of a sudden, your greatest fears materialize in your rear view mirror. As you hear the wails of the siren, you slow down, as the motorbike-riding cop gestures for you to pull over. Were you speeding? Is your exhaust too loud? All these thoughts race through your mind as your heart rate shoots beyond the roof. 

It's an all too familiar scene, of course. However, we motorcyclists are human, too, and enjoying the performance of our machines is loads of fun. However, not all traffic stops are the result of infractions. What if I told you, that in Singapore, police officers flag down motorcyclists to commend them and recognize their efforts towards being safe, disciplined riders? Well, this is exactly what happened to Lee Joonmin, a Singaporean motorcycle enthusiast who took to social media after a similar encounter with a police officer. In a viral post on his Facebook page which has received more than a thousand reactions, Lee Joonmin recounts his experience. 


His situation was pretty straightforward, but the way he explained the thoughts racing through his mind was just so hilariously relatable. Just when he thought he was done for, a long, awkward pause between himself and the "apprehending" police officer ensued. What followed turned the entire situation on its head, when the police officer went on to commend Lee Joonmin for wearing full riding gear—something that's all too often overlooked, especially in Singapore. Whats even better is that the police officer even rewarded our man of the hour with a kit composed of a reusable mask, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, an EZ-Link card, and a handy pouch.

As it would turn out, the Singaporean government launched a campaign way back in 2019 entitled "Reward the Riders," which aims to recognize and incentivize safe motorcycling by rewarding motorcyclists who wear full safety gear, and practice safe and disciplined riding. This is quite a nice gesture from the Singaporean government, and it would certainly be nice to see other countries adopt this kind of program in order to promote safe riding. 

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