Tole Motorworks of Indonesia recently turned a stock Kawasaki W175 into the sweet retro custom build you see here. Named Cahaya Ilahi (“divine light” in Indonesian), this bobber/chopper hybrid is clean, tasteful, and dripping with Sixties style. 


Febrian Ramadhan, from Bogor, West Java, is the man behind the one-person operation that is Tole Motorworks. He's the owner, operator, and fabricator, and he’s only 25 years old. For someone his age, it’s impressive to see his artistic vision and talent churn out something so tasteful and beautiful. 

The Kawasaki W175 has only been made since 2017, and it’s only available in the Southeast Asian market. However, it’s become a popular foundation for customization thanks to its compact, air-cooled 178cc single, its single-downtube frame design, and general simplicity. 


While Ramadhan was going for a British chopper look, his build seems to blur the lines with its bobber-like hard tail and whiffs of vintage tracker styling. Up front, you’ll notice the complete absence of the front disc brake system from the production unit. A tiny headlight (source unknown) blends tastefully with the overall aesthetic, and the retro look is further accented by a clean handlebar setup, classic grips, fork gaiters and wire-spoked wheels with vintage Firestone rubber. 

The rear drum brake was moved over to the left side of the wheel, keeping the right side of the bike wide open for the mid-set header pipe and throwback megaphone muffler. Ramadhan fabricated the peanut tank and fender by hand, showing off his skills with the hammer. Paint was done by local shop Bronx Kustompaint in a muted gold color that suits the nature of the build perfectly. The stock OEM badge is a nice touch, somehow looking like it was dug out of a Rubbermaid bin at a junkyard rather than a current showroom bit. 


While there are many lovely features incorporated into the Cahaya Ilahi, it’s hard to put a finger on one standout characteristic. Ramadhan’s rolling showcase is truly a sum of its parts, and we’re just happy to feast our eyes on this nostalgia-laced work of art. 

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