Exclusive and Sport variants highlight the lineup.

Taiwanese scooter, ATV, and side-by-side manufacturer Kymco has been hard at work updating its Like scooter lineup to meet Euro 5 specifications. The brand unveiled the Like S in March 2021, and now the standard variant Like 125 and Like 125 Exclusive will join the sport model. Along with the eighth-liter scoots, Kymco completes the family with the revised Like 50 and new Like 50 S.

An air-cooled, four-valve, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine spans the 125cc models, and all qualify for Euro 5 emissions regulations. The powerplant produces 11.4 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 7.7 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm. The base trim and sport version both sport 12-inch wheels with a combined braking system. Despite the S designation, the sporty Like weighs 265 pounds while the standard reports in at 254 pounds.

2021 Kymco Like 125 - On-Road
2021 Kymco Like 125 - Action

The two also differ in fuel capacity, with the Like 125 boasts a 7-liter fuel cell and the Like S trailing behind at 6.8 liters. Aside from the minor technical disparities, the two models share the same equipment. Of course, the sport’s Odolo black livery also sets it apart from the base 125. That stealthy paint job increases the Like S to €2,899 ($3,507 USD) while the Like 125 carries a €2,799 ($3,385 USD) price tag.

The new Like 125 Exclusive takes that same package but adds ABS and a top case. A digital display now offers smartphone connectivity options, with model-specific control buttons on the switchgear. The Like 125 Exclusive also earns a special Diamond Silver Matte livery, which helps push the MSRP to €3,199 ($3,870 USD).

2021 Kymco Like 125 - Exclusive

In the 50cc class, an air-cooled, two-valve, four-stroke, single powers both the Like 50 and Like 50 S. The mini mill manages 3.3 horsepower and now reaches Euro 5-compliance. Both versions also feature disc brakes up front and a drum in the rear.

However, the S versions flatter headlight, angular bodywork, and Matte Black and Speed Orange colorways solidify the sporty classification. The Like 50 takes a different approach, with rounder lines, chrome accents, and Red, Space gray, and Pearly white liveries. The new styling results in a €2,399 ($2,903 USD) sticker price for the Like 50 S while the standard Like 50 commands €2,379 ($2,878 USD).

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