, one of the fastest growing electro two-wheel manufacturers in India, has recently announced that it has partnered up with MoEVing in order to further accelerate the adoption of electric scooter and motorcycle use in India. The partnership seeks to focus on one practical use of motorcycles, particularly in India’s fast-paced economy: last-mile delivery.

With the global pandemic forcing multiple companies across several states industries to incorporate deliveries into their business models, motorcycles have become an essential tool in the fulfillment of lots of business transactions. From things as simple as food delivery to high-value courier services, motorcycle’s truly are the lifeblood of the country’s economy. That being said, majority of the motorcycles and scooters currently in use in the last-mile delivery sector are still powered by internal combustion engines.

Erik Buell on Hero Moto Corp

Hero Electric, one of the country’s leading EV developers, as well as Delhi-based startup MoEVing, sees a massive opportunity to usher in a green revolution in the industry. The two companies have teamed up in order to offer electric mobility solutions, particularly to companies who do business in the last-mile delivery sector. The two companies have plans of replacing over 100,000 ICE-powered machines to fully-electric scooters and motorcycles within a five-year timeframe. By 2030, the two companies hope to be able to deploy more than one million EVs to local companies and organizations.

Through the partnership, MoEVing will procure and provide access to data and analytic modules, while Hero Electric will develop and manufacture electric powertrains, battery technology, as well as other maintenance improvements on a real-time basis. All these efforts are geared towards the acceleration of the development of technology, service improvements, and overall better and more reliable lightweight EVs for use in last-mile delivery applications.

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