Back in the day, if you wanted to sneak in a motorcycle ride while you were on vacation abroad, or visiting a city far away from home, you’d have to plan in advance and scour the classifieds for . Not only did this take a lot of time, but chances are you’d be met with some pretty sketchy deals, and be offered some neglected old beater being held together by zip ties.

These days, however, renting a motorcycle for a day has become a lot easier, and can practically be done at a whim with everything you need literally at your fingertips. Peer-to-peer motorcycle rental companies like Twisted Road enable motorcycle enthusiasts to pursue their hobby no matter where they go—provided, of course, that Twisted Road has operations in that area. Luckily, Twisted Road is growing fast, with a presence in most states, and even overseas such as in parts of Asia and Australia.

The company’s interface is rather simple and straightforward, too. Simply log onto Twisted Road’s website, choose your location, book your riding date, then choose from the options of rentable rides available. To sweeten the deal and encourage even more riders to rent bikes via Twisted Road’s nifty platform, the company has launched a new, recurring rental program dubbed One Two Free. The mechanics are as simple as the program’s name. After every two rides, the renter is entitled to one free day of riding.

To make things even better, renters have the option of choosing between redeeming the free day right there and then, or accumulating numerous free days for, say, extended days of riding while on vacation out of town. Founder and CEO of Twisted Road, Austin Rothbard explains how simple the One Two Free program is, “we’ve made this as simple as we could. The free rides just appear in the rider’s accounts once the first two rides have been taken. It’s like getting a free cup of coffee after your 10th cup. Only it’s a free day of riding. And instead of buying 10 rides, you only need to ride twice.”

Apart from giving enthusiasts access to motorcycle rentals, Twisted Road also enables motorcycle owners to earn cash from renting out their bikes. The company offers comprehensive insurance coverage in order to ensure peace of mind for both rentees and renters.

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