75 years of the world's most famous scooter.

In March, 2021, we first told you about Vespa’s upcoming Primavera and GTS 75th Anniversary Editions. The scoots will only be produced in 2021, in a special metallic colorway called Giallo 75th. However, April 23, 2021 marks the actual 75th anniversary of Vespa, so we hope you’re busy ordering your iconic scooter-shaped birthday cakes now to celebrate. 

Got your cake? Good. Now you’re ready for the other important milestone that Vespa recently passed, just in time for this anniversary. The company proudly announced that it just marked an impressive 19 million units produced, with a GTS 300 75th Anniversary Special Edition marking the actual 19 millionth bike to roll out of Pontedera. Any way you slice it, that’s a heck of a birthday. 

Over time, the legend of Vespa has only grown. In 2021, the company says it sells its scooters in 83 countries. Scooters for all those markets come out of just three factories: the original Pontedera, which produces scoots for Europe, the Americas, and other western markets; Vinh Phuc, Vietnam, which serves East and Southeast Asia; and Baramati, India, which serves India and Nepal.  

Vespa's 19 Millionth Scooter Produced - April 2021
Vespa 75th Anniversary Poster

Speaking of the Americas, if you’re in the U.S. or Canada, those special 75th edition Vespas are headed your way very soon. The U.S. should get the 75th anniversary scoots in May, 2021, while Canada will see them in June. Here’s the pricing information, if you’re interested. 


  • Vespa Primavera S 50cc, 75th Anniversary Edition: $4,499 
  • Vespa Primavera S 150cc, 75th Anniversary Edition: $5,849 
  • Vespa GTS Super Tech 300, 75th Anniversary Edition: $7,949 


  • Vespa Primavera S 50cc, 75th Anniversary Edition: $5,095 
  • Vespa Primavera S 150cc, 75th Anniversary Edition: $6,345 

Sorry, Canadian Vespa fans, but the GTS 300 Special Edition is a U.S.-only model. For additional information about availability, or to answer any other questions you might have about these 75th Anniversary Special Edition scoots, contact your local authorized Vespa dealer for assistance. 

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