Ducati’s Panigale V4 is already a berserk bike out of the box. With 214 horsepower, 91.5 lb-ft of torque, and 437-pound curb weight, you’d think that Ducatisti had all the bike they could handle. Well, you’d be wrong. The Bologna brand knows that its customers want the utmost performance and its Panigale V4 Racing Accessories Kit delivers.

Featuring an assortment of track-oriented components, the accessories set not only sheds weight from the svelte superbike but also increases power. The Akrapovic Titanium Full Race Exhaust proves that thesis by increasing peak torque and horsepower by six percent while shaving 12 pounds off the Ducati’s fighting weight. The titanium construction also helps with heat management and provides a throaty exhaust note that’s worthy of the V4 powerplant.

Of course, the race exhaust will require a specific engine map and may not qualify for road use, but rats will rejoice at the additional performance. Aside from the shiny new pipes, the racing accessories line boasts a host of doodads. From the swingarm and clutch covers to chain guides and alternator crankcase protectors, the lightweight and durable construction trims precious grams.

Gallery: Ducati Panigale V4 Racing Accessories Kit

The lower and upper race fairings paired with the larger headlight fairing suit the circuit perfectly, and the Rizoma mirror plugs and license hanger deletion kit make the Panigale even sleeker. A brake lever protector and grippy tank pads complete the race-inspired look. We should note that the fairings come in white so they may require paint services if you’re partial to Ducati Red.

However, that should be of little worry to anyone willing to shell out $8,200 for the Panigale V4 Racing Accessories Kit. Those interested can also configure their Panigale V4 or V2 with various parts from the Ducati catalog at the brand’s website. The red, Italian sportbike may be enough for some, but there’s always room for improvement under the Bologna banner.

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