Electric fun for less than a thousand Euros.

If you've ever visited the congested, urbanized cities in Europe such as Paris, Milan, or Dortmund, then you probably know just how handy a lightweight electric scooter would be when it comes to running errands and shuttling yourself around town. Providing you the comfort and convenience of a motorcycle, with the ease of use, parking, and efficiency of a bicycle, electric scooters are fast becoming a common sight all over Europe. 

Apart from their undeniable practicality and sustainability, they also offer extremely low barriers to entry, in the sense that most scooters can be operated by a standard automobile license holder. The influx of Chinese-made EVs have made e-scooters and e-bikes even more ubiquitous, too. For instance, Jonway, a company once known for making rather lackluster knockoffs of actual motorcycles, has recently ventured into the electric scooter game. Its latest offering, the Y2, seeks to take heavily urbanized cities in Europe by storm. The best part? You can buy one for just €995, or the equivalent of just $1,200. 

The Jonway Y2 Is A Petite City Runabout

Now, I know what you're thinking. Surely this Chinese-made scooter isn't going to stand the test of time. However, like it or not, Chinese tech has advanced leaps and bounds from the time this stigma became the norm. Just take a look at the device you're reading this story from, or any one of your numerous household appliances. Chances are you're going to find a made-in-China sticker on at least one thing within your proximity. That said, the fact that the Jonway Y2 is actually available in Europe means that it has, in one way or another, passed European safety standards for road-going vehicles. 

The Jonway Y2 gets a 48V-20Ah lithium-ion battery which promises a decent range of 50 kilometers on a single charge. A 500-watt electric motor drives the rear wheel, and propels the Y2 to a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Tipping the scales at just 51 kg, the this lightweight electric scooter is perfect for shorter riders, as well as those with zero experience when it comes to piloting two-wheeled vehicles. 

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