Earlier this year, it seemed that the COVID-19 pandemic was well and truly behind us.  In what could quite possibly be one of the most unfortunate turn of events, the number of new cases of this modern-day plague have drastically increased across multiple parts of the world. As a result, many Asian and European countries have, once again, been put under one form or another of lockdown. 

Despite the growing ubiquity of the COVID-19 vaccine, several countries are still struggling to procure the necessary number of vaccines in order to inoculate the majority of their populations. In fact, in India, the private sector has stepped in, in order to expedite the vaccination process. A couple of weeks ago, we reported that TVS was providing free vaccines for all its employees, as well as their immediate family members. Another motorcycle giant in the form of Piaggio Vehicles, has followed suit, and is also rolling out a similar vaccination program for all its employees and their immediate families. 

Piaggio Vehicles, Piaggio Group's Indian subsidiary, has stated the the company will bear the cost of vaccinating all staff and their immediate family members against COVID-19. On top of this, the automotive giant has also partnered with a private hospital in order to expedite the vaccination of its employees based in the company's Pune and Baramati manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra. 

Diego Graffi, managing director and CEO of Piaggio Vehicles expressed in a statement, "In these exceptionally difficult times, we stand with the local government to provide our support and help them increase the pace of vaccination. We aim to provide our staff and their family members with full assistance during the pandemic. With this vaccination drive, we continue to make the health and welfare of both our staff, their families and neighboring community a priority."

On top of the company-wide vaccination program, Piaggio Vehicles will also be providing ventilators to one of the public hospitals in Pune, in order to upgrade the local medical infrastructure to keep up with the rising number of COVID-19 cases. 

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