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Are you a privateer BMW racer competing on either an S 1000 RR or an M 1000 RR in 2021? If so, you may also be eligible to take part in the 2021 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. It’s back for its seventh season since starting in 2014. Originally, season 7 was to take place in 2020, but like so many other things, it was put on pause due to the global COVID pandemic. 

With that pause came a time to reconsider how BMW Motorrad was calculating points, though. For 2021, there’s a newer, simpler, and more transparent points calculation system for those participating.  

You see, when you’re inviting racers in all kinds of series to compete on points against one another, the math can get unnecessarily complicated unless you take certain measures. For example, switching everything to percentages of available points in a series per race weekend, which is what BMW decided to do for 2021. For a handy visual explainer, check out the video. 

2021 BMW M 1000 RR

While more racing will likely take place in 2021 than occurred in 2020, circumstances can still change very quickly. Some events may need to be canceled, rescheduled, and/or postponed. That fact, along with the fact that different race series have different numbers of races in the first place, makes a percentage system per race weekend make a lot of sense.  

Why would you want to worry about points calculations? Prizes, of course. For 2021, the first-place winner will receive their very own, shiny, new M 1000 RR, worth an estimated 33,000 Euros (about $39,000). Prizes will also be awarded for second through tenth place finishers, which will include a selection of vouchers for BMW Motorrad parts packages. Total value of the second through tenth place vouchers will be just under 40,000 Euros (about $47,319), per BMW.  

What series are eligible for competition in the 2021 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy? Here’s a full list: 

  • FIM Endurance World Championship 
  • FIM Endurance World Cup 
  • FIM Asia Road Racing Championship 
  • International Road Racing Championship 
  • Alpe Andria International Motorcycle Championship 
  • British Superbike Championship 
  • International German Championship 
  • French Superbike Championship 
  • French European Bikes Championship 
  • Italian Superbike Championship 
  • Italian National Trophy 1000 
  • Spanish Superbike Championship 
  • Canadian Superbike Championship 
  • MotoAmerica AMA Road Racing Series 
  • SuperBike Brasil 
  • All Japan Road Race Championship  
  • Australian Superbike Championship 

At the time of writing on March 24, 2021, the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy signup page link does not yet appear to be active on BMW Motorrad’s Motorsport page. Check back with BMW in the future so you can sign up when it becomes available, if you’re interested. 

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