There’s no time like the present, especially if you want to be a racer. That’s why Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) held the first round of its 2021 Honda Racing India Talent Hunt in Chennai on March 20, 2021. 

In total, 14 young riders from Chennai, Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Delhi came to the Chennai round of Honda’s 2021 Talent Hunt. They ranged in ages from 9 to 17 years of age, and organizers even noted that one 14-year-old female rider was among those who participated.  

Experiences ranged widely, just like the riders’ ages. All young riders with aspirations of becoming racers are welcome to participate, and are judged each year according to three separate types of testing. First, there’s a physical fitness test. Next, there’s a test of skills and ability to maneuver well out on the track, on a bike. Last but certainly not least, there’s an interview with both the young rider and his or her parents or guardians. The last part lets Honda India know where they’re coming from, where their motorsport passions lie, and what kind of family support they’ll have behind them if they’re chosen.  

“2020 was a tough year, globally. While we conducted one round of Idemitsu Honda India Talent Hunt in January last year, we couldn’t continue it further due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Now that all the activities are slowly resuming, Honda has reignited the platform of Idemitsu Honda India Talent Cup,” HMSI Brand and Communication senior VP Prabhu Nagaraj said in a statement.  

Top candidates identified in level 1 events, like the Chennai Talent Hunt, will get some training under their belts before they go on to level 2. That’s where they’ll compete against other riders selected from other level 1 events around the country. The best riders there will receive future Honda Racing India development, with an eye toward getting young Indian racers into multiple two-wheeled platforms.  

The best of these riders will be considered for some world-class racing opportunities. These include the endurance-oriented FIM CEV championship, the Asian Talent Cup, and the Asia Road Racing Championship. Eventually, extremely talented riders could even find themselves racing in MotoGP. First things first, though. The 2021 Honda India Talent Cup CBR150R category will welcome the best racers that these HMSI Talent Hunt events have to offer.  

Although the 2021 Chennai event has passed, future events in other cities are still planned for this year. Bengaluru, Pune, and Aizawl all have upcoming Talent Hunts on their way. Dates haven’t been announced as of March, 2021, but you can still sign up here. To keep up-to-date on all the latest news regarding the 2021 Talent Hunt and/or Talent Cup, you may want to follow Honda Racing India on Twitter, as well. 

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