Technology may advance leaps and bounds, but styling and artistic design has a tendency to be passed on for generations. Such is the case with neo-retro bikes. These days, café racers no longer race from one café to another. No, it's now more of a styling exercise more than a name that hints towards function. However, if the crop of new neo-retros is anything to go by, the whole café racer craze isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

As it would turn out, we're beginning to see the whole café aesthetic begin to trickle down to electric two-wheelers. We've covered FTN Motion's stunning classic-styled electric moped earlier this year. This time around, Portuguese scooter and moped manufacturer, Famel, has introduced the reincarnation of one of its classic bikes, the XF, in electric trim dubbed the E-XF. Initially launched in 1975, the Famel XF was the company's most successful motorcycle. In fact, Famel continued making the XF all the way until it filed for bankruptcy in 1994. 

The Famel EX-F Is A Stunning Electric Cafe Racer
The Famel EX-F Is A Stunning Electric Cafe Racer

Fast forward some twenty seven years later, and we see Famel making a comeback. Staying true to its classic styling, the reincarnation of the XF in the form of the E-XF is more an evocation than a replication. Powering the E-XF is an all-electric powertrain which consists of a spritely electric motor which generates 5 kW of thrust, or the equivalent of around 7 ponies. This makes it equivalent to a 50cc beginner moped, or an air-cooled, carburetted 110cc scooter. To complement the simple yet effective engine, the new E-XF features front and rear disc brakes, with the integration of a combined braking system (CBS).

The electric powertrain sips juice from a 72V, 40Ah battery, which charges up from zero to 100-percent in around four hours. This gives the bike an impressive range of 70 kilometers, or around 43 miles on a single charge. The production-spec Famel E-XF is expected to debut in Portugal and other parts of Europe in 2022. It's expected to fetch around 4,100 Euros, or the equivalent of $4,876 USD. 

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