Honda’s NSR50R is the weapon of choice on the kart track. Minimoto riders herald the pint-sized pinger for its lithe handling and stout braking power. True sportbike ergonomics don't hurt either, as many road racers turn to the NSR to perfect their form.

Of course, the liquid-cooled, 49cc, single-cylinder engine is the star of the show and it wails a two-stroke tune with the best of them. The tiny yet mighty mill packs 7.9 horsepower up high at 10,000 rpm, only a twist of the wrist away from the 11,500 rpm redline. That potent powerplant partners with a six-speed gearbox to propel the NSR50R to a 60-mph top speed.

The baby NSR was part of Honda’s lineup years before they brought the track-only racer to the States. Only available for one year, North American customers either purchased a 2004 unit or had previous and following model years imported. Luckily, the example for auction on Iconic Motorbikes qualifies as the former, and it hasn’t even been uncrated in the last 17 years.

Gallery: 2004 Honda NSR50R

Past its rusty cage, the NSR50R looks as new as the day it rolled off the assembly line. The rear end is free of grit and grime. The brakes aren’t scored or discolored and the Dunlop GP 91 tires are smooth and unused. The new owner should probably spoon on a new set of rubber after all these years, though. A thorough tune-up wouldn’t hurt either, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an NSR (of this age) in this condition.

This NSR50R is a bill of sale only and doesn’t come with a title. On the other hand, it does include two keys, a parts manual, an overflow reservoir, a plug wrench, and rearset fasteners. The current owner also reports no mechanical issues and the only cosmetic issue is the dust and dirt accumulated over the years. The auction currently rests at $2,100 with a little over one day of bidding left. If you’re looking to have some big fun with a small bike, this NSR50R is definitely the ticket.

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