Aprilia’s RX 125 has been in the brand’s lineup since 1983. In 2007, the supermoto variant SX 125 joined the fray and quickly gained favor with new riders. Now, with Euro 5 regulations looming, Aprilia updates its quarter-liter enduro and supermoto for another era of beginners.

The 2021 SX and RX may not look different to Aprilia fans. Aside from the rally-inspired graphics and new Silver Speedway colorway, the platform’s aesthetics are virtually identical to last year. The reshaped fuel tank is the only thing that stands out to the most prying eyes. However, abundant upgrades hide beneath the practically unchanged bodywork.

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For 2021, Aprilia’s engineers paired the RX/SX’s liquid-cooled 124cc single with a new intake and air filter to meet the latest emissions standards. A combustion chamber design also prompts new heads and iridium spark plugs. Additionally, the little four-stroke requires an updated exhaust with a new catalytic converter and a Marelli MIUG4 ECU now runs the show.

Despite all those changes and additions, the RX and SX maintain a 295-pound wet weight and 15 horsepower. The Euro 5-compliant engine actually improves the platform’s already impressive fuel economy. Other than the engine revisions, Aprilia tacks on a new digital instrument panel that’s easier to read. While the SX and RX both receive the 2021 updates, the variants feature different equipment for different purposes.

Sharing the same engine, frame, and suspension, the enduro and supermoto differ in brakes and wheels. The SX sports 17-inch wire-spoked wheels and sticky street tires. With a 300mm disc up front and a 200mm rotor in the rear, the featherweight supermoto delivers plenty of stopping power.

Conversely, Aprilia equips the RX 125 with an 18-inch rear tire and a 21-inch front. Knobby tires provide more than enough traction on the trail and the 260mm front and 220mm rear wave rotor yields just enough bite in the loose stuff. Yes, RX 125 has been around for a few decades but Aprilia’s latest updates should keep the beginner bike around for years to come.

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