Backcountry Discovery Routes recently announced a plan to extend its trail network to the expansive state of Wyoming. Consisting of high deserts and towering mountain ranges, the Equality State could be the perfect fit for BDR’s next phase. Before the non-profit can open its eleventh route to the public, however, organizers will traverse the trail themselves. Luckily, the Motoz Tires brand will support the journey by supplying the team with Motoz Tractionator RallZ tires.

In classic BDR fashion, a film crew will document the expedition for a film that will premiere in January, 2022. The team will also collaborate with Butler Motorcycle Maps to produce a waterproof edition of the Wyoming BDR trail. The Motoz sponsorship will help the intrepid explorers cover some of the most challenging terrains in the lower 48 states.

“The most common question we get from the community is about tire choices for our routes,” admitted BDR Director of Operations Ina Thorn. “We always recommend DOT-approved knobby tires with an aggressive tread pattern for superior off-road traction and better grip in technical terrain. The BDR team will be putting the RallZ tires to the test during our upcoming 1,200-mile, 10-day filming expedition of the WYBDR.”

The 80/20 off-road-biased Tractionator Rallz is the most aggressive adventure tire in Motoz lineup. The tire’s tread pattern provides ample grip in various conditions and delivers a long lifespan. A hybrid compound with silica also increases carcass rigidity and mitigates punctures on the trail. The Tractionator comes in a variety of tube and tubeless sizes for lightweight to full-size ADVs.

“We think that our Motoz RallZ Tires are a great fit because they offer 30% more thread depth than most competitors and are well regarded by adventure riders for their high off-road performance and longevity,” explained Pacific Powersports founder Brian Cornelius.

Yes, we’re all excited for the upcoming Wyoming BDR and it’s good to see the organization receiving well-deserved support from the adventure community.

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