Nearly a year ago, the Piaggio Museum, Italy’s largest motorcycle museum, was forced to temporarily close its doors until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we’re all well aware of how this stupid virus turned our lives upside down last year, and I’m pretty sure that you all agree with me when I say that we want all this to be behind us.

Well, it would appear that things are slowly beginning to go back to normal, albeit a new normal that none of us are yet accustomed to. Perhaps a good step on achieving a sense of normalcy in the midst of what continues to be a nightmare, would be the fact that the Piaggio Museum is opening its doors once again on the 16th of February.

Yes, folks residing in will once again be able to visit the largest motorcycle museum in the country, which hosts a vast collection of both vintage and modern machines. The museum’s management, however, assures the public that strict health and safety protocols will be implemented, and personnel will be present to ensure that all guests follow these procedures.

The Piaggio Museum Reopens its Doors

For those of you with a reluctance to mingle, however, the Piaggio Museum has also made its impressive collection of motorcycles available to the online audience. You can in fact access the collection through their website, and see famous models such as Vacanze Romane’s Vespa 125, the race bikes of Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi, and many others. Another perk of taking the virtual route of the museum is the highly detailed multimedia presentations which highlight Piaggio’s rich history in incredible detail.

The Piaggio Museum was inaugurated more than two decades ago in 2000, and subsequently received a major renovation in 2018. It sits in one of the oldest spaces in the Pontedera Complex, and is home to the iconic Piaggio Historical Archive—a hallmark of Italian culture and the global motorcycle industry.

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