In the Philippines, the subject of the newly implemented Motor Vehicle Inspection System, or MVIS, has been a hot topic of debate. With the initial implementation being a disastrous train wreck of errors, malpractice, and red tape, it's surprising that authorities are only now addressing the issues brought about by the new system. From 600-decibel exhaust readings, to technicians outright destroying customers' vehicles, all this has to stop now. 

A report from MotoPinas states that the Senate Committee on Public Services held a hearing to come up with a solution to the numerous issues brought about by the new MVIS.  During the hearing, the committee came to a unanimous decision to indefinitely suspend the operations of  Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers, or PMVICs, scattered across the country. For reference, PMVICs are privately-owned companies in charge of conducting the MVIS procedures. 

The result of the hearings came in the form of the filing of Resolution No. 634, which stipulates the conduction of an investigation on the implementation of the MVIS. Specifically, to Department Order 2018-019 by the Department of Transportation Memorandum Circular No. 2018-2158 by the Land Transportation Office. Of course, the investigation will look into all other issues raised in light of the implementation of the MVIS. 

A glaring technical issue on the side of the implementation of the new vehicle inspection system is the fact that the fees collected from PMVICs are not coursed through the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). As a result, no governing body is monitoring the amount of money PMVICs charge customers. That means the prices of inspection are easily subject to abuse and corruption. Money matters aside, there have also been instances of fairly new and modern motorcycles and cars failing inspections, and even sustaining damage due to poorly calibrated equipment, as well as incompetent technicians. 

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