TVS, one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers in India, first launched their electric scooter, the iQube, in the region last year. Making its debut in only a few cities, the scooter has seen relative success thanks to its robust construction, practical utility, and affordable price tag. Now, nearly a year hence, this lovable little electric scooter has made it way to the Indian capital, New Delhi.  

This comes after the Delhi government, in August of last year, mounted its own EV initiative in order to help speed up the adoption of electric vehicles in the country. All this, of course, boils down toward a sustainable future with cleaner emissions and less dependence on fossil fuels. It is with this in mind that TVS finally decided to launch the iQube in New Delhi. Under New Delhi's EV campaign, cash incentives will be provided to EV buyers. This comes as a handy benefit, especially in an extremely price-sensitive market like that of India. 

The TVS iQube Makes Its Way To New Delhi

In a report published by GaadiWaadiShri. K.N. Radhakrishnan, the director and CEO of TVS stated, “TVS iQube Electric is a blend of an advanced electric drivetrain and the next-gen TVS SmartXonnect platform. After its success in Bengaluru, we are thrilled to bring our iQube to Delhi, and are confident to scale great heights.”

With what could quite possibly be TVS's most innovative two-wheeler in the market today with a clear vision towards the future, mobility in one of the world's busiest cities could soon see a cleaner and greener transformation. 

Equipped with a 4.4 kW electric motor, the TVS iQube has a range of 75 kilometers on a single charge. Additionally, it has enough go-juice to hit a top speed of 78 kilometers per hour, making it a zippy little commuter for urban duties such as parcel delivery services and personal commuting. At present, the TVS iQube sells for Rs. 1,08,012, or roughly $1,500 USD. Booking fees for the iQube are currently pegged at Rs 5,000, or the equivalent of just $70 USD. 

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