In 1971, the Yamaha JT1 was the minibike to have. Its engine was only 60cc, but kids loved tearing up the trails with it. Honda, uncharacteristically caught with its pants down, wanted a piece of the action, and created an even smaller version of their SL line with a 70cc engine. The result was the Honda SL70.

This bike, currently for sale on Bring a Trailer, is an excellent example of what Honda brought to the game. It has a full frame, unlike the CT70 whose single top tube doesn't inspire as much confidence in the rough stuff. It has all the lights and equipment necessary for the street, something Yamaha didn't offer until the following year. Granted, you didn't really want to ride a five horsepower, 70cc motorcycle on the street, but it meant that you could legally ride from one trail to the next, making the SL70 a true dual-sport.

Gallery: 1971 Honda SL70

This particular bike got a complete makeover in 2018, with fresh paint and an engine rebuild. The optional speedometer shows just one mile on the odometer. The bike's true mileage is unknown, but its condition looks like it just rolled out of the factory. While the CT70's frame was originally painted silver from the factory, this frame is actually chrome.

It's a nice visual throwback to 1960s Hondas with their genuine chrome frames. The only part of this bike that doesn't look original are the Kenda dirt tires. Since real riders use up tires, we can overlook this detail.

In the condition this bike is in, I wouldn't want to ride it at all. As Professor Henry Jones said, "It belongs in a museum." It could be in your garage, though, if you place the lucky bid. It even comes with a clean Arizona title, because unlike the Yamaha JT1, this bike is street legal.

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