Times are tough for a lot of people right now. So, if you knew you had the power to do something pretty easy that could make the day of someone in your community, wouldn’t you do it? Most of us probably would, I think. Just ask Gladys Stinga, who recently had her local Harley-Davidson motorcycle club make one of her fondest dreams come true.  

Stinga, who just turned 85, had never previously had the chance to ride a Harley. She’d wanted to for a long time, but for some reason, the stars just didn’t align so it could happen for her. That is, until the Palm Beach County Harley-Davidson Owners Group decided it was well past time for this sweet lady to finally get her ride.  

To start 2021 right, they showed up and presented Gladys Stinga with a helmet and a t-shirt. After that, a 30-bike group escorted her on a nice, sunny birthday ride through Boca Raton, Florida. The entire thing lasted about 20 minutes, but the memory will stick with Stinga for the rest of her life. 

"If you had the chance to do what you want to do, go ahead baby, go ahead," Stinga told local news station WPTV. "Because it is something that you will never forget." 

Gladys’ late husband, Antonino, was a professional motorcycle rider in Argentina—and even then, for whatever reason, she just wasn’t ever a pillion. Although he’s no longer around to see her fulfill this dream, she told WPTV that she’s certain he would be incredibly proud that she’d finally made it happen.  

The Palm Beach HOG chapter was previously 100 members. However, director Kris Kollar said that as of Stinga’s ride, they were now 101 thanks to their new, honorary 2021 member.  

It’s a good reminder that even small gestures can make a big difference in someone’s life. Do what you can, where you can, and you’ll help people more than you may even realize.   

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