In July, 2020, we heard the sad but unsurprising news that the 2020 Americade rally was canceled. Rally organizers were naturally hoping to avoid something similar happening for 2021. As a result, in October, 2020, Americade director Christian Dutcher noted that organizers were cautiously optimistic about holding a June 2021 event. At that time, he also said that if it looked more feasible to hold it later in the year, then that’s what they’d do. 

Friends, Dutcher and the Americade organizers are happy to tell you that the 38th annual Americade Rally will take place in Lake George, New York, from September 21 through 25, 2021. While it’s a few months later than is traditional for this rally, Dutcher says these dates make it much more likely that the event will go off without a hitch. As COVID vaccines roll out, and as everyone continues to recover from all the difficulties we’ve been facing, this is the timing that made the most sense for all involved. 

As the fine folks at Adventure Rider pointed out, moving the event to later in the year puts the Adirondack region of New York into prime fall foliage viewing time. Now, according to the Visit Adirondacks official tourism page, the first and second weeks of October are the best times to see peak foliage in and around Lake George. Still, even less than peak brilliant foliage changes can be incredibly beautiful, especially when you’re having such a great time with other riders.  

Organizers are planning a full slate of events, rides, and vendors to keep everyone having a great time with all your riding buddies—or, of course, make new riding buddies. Since it’s only January, 2021 at the time of writing, a full schedule of events isn’t available yet. Check the official Americade website or its Facebook page for the most up-to-date info, as that’s where organizers appear to be the most active. 

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