With the Dakar Rally still fresh in our minds and a global pandemic curbing social events, many riders continue taking to the trails. However, traveling off the beaten path for extended periods of time requires additional supplies, tools, and gear. Giant Loop has been serving those long-haul adventurers for over a decade, introducing its horseshoe-shaped saddlebag back in 2008. The Giant Loop developed its current Mojavi and Coyote saddlebags from that first reckless luggage and they continue to evolve the platforms with a new mounting system.

Featuring belt-like pronghorn rubber straps and fender hooks, the updated bags secure the rider’s belongings while keeping mass centralized. The front straps wrap around the frame or subframe (model-dependent) while the rear mounting system provides ample tension and stability over the toughest terrain. While the fender hooks are compatible with most dirt bike fenders, Giant Loop also offers tail racks and fender rails as alternative mounting points.

Gallery: Giant Loop Mojavi Saddlebags and Coyote Saddlebags

Aside from the new strap system, the Coyote still caters to intrepid explorers with a roll-top opening and three RF-welded Dry Pods with air purge valves. The 39-liter capacity suits longer trips into the unknown while the 12-liter Mojavi handles necessities like tools, tubes, and fluids (for the bike and humans). The rugged Bomb Shell material resists all the wear and tear of the elements and the MOLLE-style lash system allows users to expand carrying capacity.

Both bags come with heat shields to protect the soft luggage from exhaust burns and Giant Loop backs them with a limited lifetime warranty. Black, gray, and orange are standard color options across the models with the Mojavi costing $229 and the Coyote starting at $399. With the updated mounting system, Giant Loop is making off-road travel even easier for riders to enjoy the great outdoors.

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