Stephane Zache takes the helm as Chief Designer.

MV Agusta has recently completed a major renovation in its San Marino, Italy offices, as well as a big reorganization within the company. The company's technical and design departments have merged into a single unit, with stylists and engineers working side-by-side to create MV Agusta's new bikes.

One complaint we often hear across the industry is that the designers create something beautiful, and then the engineers have to figure out how to make it work in the real world. Or, perhaps the engineers have crafted the finest performing machine they can, but the designers struggle to make it look good. By merging these seemingly opposing sides into the same department, MV Agusta seems to be encouraging them to work together throughout the design process to create motorcycles that are both beautiful and high performing. They have also received new equipment to help the 30-plus person team work together in both virtual and physical reality.

Stephane Zache

Heading up this joint effort is Stephane Zache, a French designer who has previously worked for numerous motorcycle companies across the world, including Honda and Yamaha.

"The renovations in [the CRC research center] are focused on creating a new working environment to further stimulate the creativity and efficiency of our extremely talented team, who constitute the real backbone of an institute that is renowned and respected worldwide," said Brian Gillen, MV Agusta and CRC Research and Development Director. "I welcome Stephane Zache as a valued new addition to the CRC leadership team. Imagining, designing, engineering, and constructing the most beautiful bikes in the world is the focus of CRC."

For a company like MV Agusta, whose motorcycles are basically works of art as they stand, it seems to make great sense to further combine the design and engineering sides of the house. This move should work well for them.