Put on your aviator sunglasses, pop the latest John Tesh album in the cassette player, and ride off into the pastel sunset. This 1984 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade for sale on Bring a Trailer is the perfect way to recapture your 80s youth in all the comfort your somewhat older body needs in 2021. Best of all, despite being in nearly perfect condition, it's also dirt cheap.

By 1984, the Gold Wing had evolved from its early incarnation as a big standard motorcycle into the huge cushy mileage gobbler we know today. The third generation, starting in 1983, really came into its own with bodywork and luggage designed specifically for this bike, not the Vetter fairing and luggage of the previous generation (which was also used on the smaller GL500 Silverwing). This Aspencade version has all the bells and whistles, including digital gauges, a tape deck, and even an on-board air compressor to adjust your suspension on the fly or inflate your tires at a stop.

Gallery: 1984 Honda GL1200 Gold Wing Aspencade

This particular example has a few extras beyond that. Most obvious are the period-correct driving lights, which throw a few extra lumens on the road ahead of you. It has highway pegs (footboards, actually), windshield extensions, and all the chrome you could throw at a Gold Wing at the time. As the video shows, everything works, and it runs great. The only blemishes on the entire bike are a tiny tear in the seat and a small chunk of plastic missing from the top trunk. Most people will never even notice these.

This bike is a genuine time capsule, and with only 44,000 miles it's barely broken in. These will take you well past 200,000 miles. The best part, however, is the price. It's listed with no reserve, and at the time of writing the current bid is a mere $1,300. This may go up with three days left in the auction. It also may not. If I was in the market, I wouldn't hesitate to snatch this up and ride across the country on it right now, blaring the Top Gun soundtrack the whole way.

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