Are you a diehard MotoGP fan with an addiction to collecting memorabilia? Well, here’s your chance to take your collection to the next level, as Honda Japan is selling the original exhaust pipe found on six-time MotoGP champion, Marc Marquez’s RC213V race bikes. Only seven of these fancy exhaust pipes are up for grabs.

At a glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this piece which is priced at $3,211 USD would include the headers and the tailpipe. You’d be mistaken, however, as it’s just the tiny exhaust tip that’s for sale. That’s right—$3,211 for a tiny little exhaust pipe. Granted of course, it’s the actual piece found on Marquez’s winning machines. Kinda pricey for a paperweight if you ask me, unless, of course, you plan on fitting it on your actual motorcycle.

Marc Marquez Honda RC213V Original Exhaust
This will surely make a fine addition to any collection.

Each one of the seven exhaust pipes has been retrieved from the 2018 Honda RC213V and 2019 Repsol Honda racing machines. Each exhaust pipe comes with its own sealed glass container, and is individually mounted on a base adorned with HRC plaques, verification stamps, and certificates of authenticity. It goes without saying that any one of these exhaust pipes which helped propel the six-time world champion to victory would make for a prized piece in any enthusiast’s collection.

If this fancy piece filled with legendary legacy is of interest to you, and you just so happen to have a spare three thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, then be sure to check out Honda Japan’s website and cop one while you still can. 

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