Ducati recently introduced its 2021 branded gear lineup that includes helmets, a selection of t-shirts and sweaters, a racing suit, and a duo of new jackets—one textile, one leather. To keep its brand enthusiasts even safer, the company followed up with a brand-new smart vest, one that can be paired with the other jackets in its collection. Introducing the House of Borgo Panigale's Smart Airbag Jacket, underpinned by Dainese’s D-air technology.   

Underneath all the red and white badging, this new Ducati airbag jacket really is a subtly redesigned and rebranded Dainese D-air Smart Jacket. To give the garment a more “Ducati” look and feel, Dainese dropped the bright yellow lining, added red trimmings and interior lining, and opted for a slightly higher neckline.   

The vest can be worn underneath any currently-owned jacket or on top of it. A magnetic snap at the front activates the airbag and a cluster of color LEDs located on the chest indicates the system’s status—including if the battery is low. The airbag is designed to cradle the head and protect the chest and back in the event of a crash.  

The mesh exterior layer allows the vest to be breathable and lightweight—it’s not supposed to feel like you’re wearing two jackets on top of one another—and elastic panels on the side make for a more comfortable fit. The nylon is abrasion and pull-resistant.   

On the inside, the technology is all Dainese. The smart jacket uses the same seven-sensor system as Dainese’s D-air airbag system that monitors such data as acceleration and angle, and analyses it 1,000 times a second which allows it to detect a fall and deploy within 45 milliseconds. The algorithm not only detects front and rear impacts but can also detect if the rider fell or slid off the bike.   

Ducati has yet to announce the new Smart Jacket’s pricing and availability.   

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