More than most manufacturers, Ducati understands that its brand is more than motorcycles—it’s a lifestyle. Whether you prefer cruising the streets, charging the track, or sipping an espresso in a posh café, Ducati regularly releases apparel to alert others of your highly discerning taste. This year, the Borgo Panigale brand is highlighting that versatility with Racing, Sport, Touring, and Urban categories in its 2021 apparel collection.

Starting off on the track, Ducati collaborated with Arai and Drudi Performance on the latest addition to the Racing line: the DC V5 helmet. Of course, the shell, wide field of vision, and ventilation designed to optimize airflow and stability at high speeds help the Ducati Corse (DC) lid perform on the race circuit. The Ducati-specific graphics also call attention to the fact that you’re pushing a Bologna Beast through the esses and out of the hairpins at your local track.

Ducati 2021 Apparel Collection - Sport (Front)
Ducati 2021 Apparel Collection - Sport (Back)

Street riders also benefit from the company’s racing lineage thanks to the Ducati Corse C5 leather jacket. Poised for protection on the roadway, the jacket features interchangeable aluminum shoulder plates, composite elbow sliders, and pockets for back and chest protectors. The Sport line entry also stands out thanks to its high-contrast red, white, and black panels along with Ducati Corse branding at the chest and back.

For the long-distance Ducatista, the Touring line’s Aqua rainproof trouser and jacket set will keep the journey going through the worst conditions. Multistrada riders should warm to the adventurous apparel, as the lightweight yet durable materials are easy to pack away when the clouds clear.

Ducati 2021 Apparel Collection - Sportswear

If you’re partial to the confines of the city, Ducati has a slew of options for you as well. The Urban range now offers the Downtown C2 technical sweatshirt. The CE-certified garment boasts an aramid liner, shoulder and elbow protectors, and a pocket for a back insert. If you’re trying to keep it casual, the Sportswear and DC Track lines offer even more tops to pledge your allegiance to the Bologna brand. Available now at Ducati’s website and dealers worldwide, the new apparel collection might be the best holiday gift idea for the Ducatista in your life—even if that Ducatista is you.

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