As the weather gets colder here in the northern hemisphere, ‘tis the season for toasty new moto gear! If you’re the type of rider who prefers a more incognito look for your daily commuting needs, Spidi has three new jacket options in its lineup that may just fit the bill. Let’s take a look.  

All three feature CE level 1 armor in the shoulders and elbows, as well as pockets for optional back protectors. However, all three are cleverly designed to look like regular, non-moto-related outerwear. If you’re just showing up to work, school, or social occasions, they just look like you’re wearing a jacket. Depending on your personal sense of style, this may be an aesthetic you prefer. 

The Metromover H2Out jacket is both wind and water-resistant, and features three layers of fabric that do separate things to keep you comfortable. There’s a microfiber liner to keep everything cozy, which is laminated to Spidi’s Windout membrane to keep away the chill. Underneath those two layers is a z-liner H2Out layer to keep you dry. Spidi says the exterior is also abrasion-resistant, and waterproof external pockets give you ample room to stow your stowables on your rides. 

Spidi Hoodie Armor H2Out Front
Spidi Beta Evo Primaloft Front

The Hoodie Armor H2Out features similar construction to the Metromover, with a couple of changes. While both jackets feature hoods, the Hoodie Armor H2Out does not have the big outer pockets found on the Metromover, so it offers a more incognito look—but with potentially less storage space. The hood and the waist both feature drawstring closures to dial in your fit as precisely as you like. 

If you want a jacket with your jacket, the Beta Evo Primaloft may be the choice for you. Like the Metromover and Hoodie Armor options, it features a three-layer laminated outer fabric with H2Out that’s both breathable and waterproof. The biggest difference is the detachable Primaloft thermal jacket that can be worn on its own, as a standalone jacket. While the other two of Spidi’s new options are slightly incognito-looking bike gear, this one actually lets you slip the armor layer off and leave it in your luggage when you’re off the bike, if you prefer.  

Gallery: Spidi Metromover, Hoodie Armor, and Beta Evo Primaloft

The Metromover H2Out comes in your choice of blue/black or military colorways, at an MSRP of $239.90. Meanwhile, the Hoodie Armor H2Out comes in black, red, or black/white colorways, at an MSRP of $269.90. Finally, the Beta Evo Primaloft comes in just one color: anthracite. MSRP on this one is $539.90. Check Spidi’s website for size and fitting guides if you’re interested in any of these jackets. 

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