CAKE creates lightweight that suit both urban and rural environs. From the utilitarian Osa to the thrill-seeking Kalk, the Swedish company’s versatile lineup suits the shifting mobility market. With road-going models netting up to 57 miles and dirt-bound variants achieving 3 hours of riding, CAKE knows it can push its bikes even further. To produce sustainable batteries capable of longer ranges, the brand will partner with Swedish battery developer Northvolt in 2021.

Committing to a stringent recycling protocol and minimal carbon footprint, the CAKE x Northvolt collaboration seeks to manufacture the greenest battery cells on a large-scale production line. The Northvolt facilities currently run on 100 percent renewable energy and the company only sources materials free of child labor, conflict, and human rights abuse. In 2021, the teams will develop technologies and products before moving into field testing.


“What Northvolt is doing here truly supports our mission toward zero-emissions,” said CAKE founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn. “The Northvolt concept of fossil-fuel-free manufacturing of battery cells and their commitment to recycling means that we will take a giant leap forward in our mission...”

With CAKE’s explore with respect slogan clear in its marketing materials, it's no surprise that sustainability is at the core of the Northvolt partnership. The two Swedish companies are aiming to release the first of its new batteries in CAKE’s 2022 lineup.

“CAKE is challenging an entire industry with their concept, showing what a modern, sustainable motorcycle can be,” noted Northvolt Co-Founder and CEO Peter Carlsson. “We look forward to providing the team with cost-efficient, green battery cells of the highest quality to support their mission.”

This step brings CAKE closer to its goal of zero-emissions manufacturing and we’re looking forward to what it does for not only the brand’s bikes, but the rest of the electric mobility industry.

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